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As I've said many times: I don't care if Trump stands on his head in the corner, wearing a pink bra and panties, stacking bebe's. It ain't what you say, it's what you do. We have the longest successful economy of all time, lowest unemployment, money pouring into the country from our own companies who've hidden it abroad from from foreign investors who know the STRENGTH of America, thanks to Trump policies. God bless America and thank God Trump arrived to make America great again.

On another subject: I’m listening to a woman being interview on CBS, Nikole Hannah-Jones, who’s started a project, 1619, which maintains that Black Americans are the true ‘founders’ of the country. She maintains that while Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence he owned 130 slaves so all he wrote was a sham. 

Sorry, Nikole, but your whole premise is wrong. I’m not ignoring the contributions of Blacks over the past three centuries, in fact I celebrate them. But to say the foundation of this country, the Declaration and the Constitution were shams because the writers owned slaves is saying that operating under the law of the land is a sham. Slavery was legal at the time those documents were written. Was it right? Of course not. But many of our laws over the years have not been ‘right’ even if law. 

Jefferson knew right from wrong and a laid the basis for this country curing the wrongs of the time, even if economically he worked within the system.

In 1774, Jefferson inherited 135 more slaves from his father-in-law, John Wayles, who had been directly involved in the importation of enslaved Africans into Virginia. This practice was not prohibited until 1778, by an act drafted by Jefferson himself.

I wonder, would Nikole Hannah-Jones give away a coal mine if she inherited one because she thought it wrong to use coal for energy? When you have assets you have a responsibility to protect them. Maybe Jefferson feared who might own those slave if he sold or even their fate if he freed them. It’s easy to apply today’s morals to yesterday, and most often wrong in light of what yesterday was.


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Trump says he's a nationalist and the dembeciles say he's a racist because he does. I guess they didn't notice this nation is made up of ALL nationalities? I may have to change dembeciles to dumbeciles?

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Every day I'm entertained and brought to guffaws by the incredibly inane and insane statements of liberals.  Particularly presstitues.  If you have any common sense, and want to get a good laugh, tune in MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, or ABC.  It's better to laugh than grit your teeth until they crack. :-)  So, I comment on that and occasionally more serious subject matter.



The press in America is totally out of control, so biased, so without pride in their own profession that it precludes all a free press might accomplish in that all important aspect of our society...transparancy. I'm truly embarrassed for them.



Our educational system needs to go back to the basics, particularly when it comes to history. It's said if you don't know it you're bound to repeat it.

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I'm a lifelong conservative who believes in self-reliance.  Born in county housing, worked my way--thanks to the opportunity offered by this great country--into middle income and proud of it.  God Bless America, and let's fight to keep her free and the go-to country in the world.  And do so by honoring the Constitution.

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Love writing and going into the high country with my rifle in hunting season and my cameras year round.  Over 4 dozen novels and non-fiction works, several screenplays, and dozens of articles later, it's a good thing I still enjoy the process.  Check out my webpage for more.

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Stream music and playlists with SoundCloud and wow your visitors with your tunes.


Stream music and playlists with SoundCloud and wow your visitors with your tunes.


Stream music and playlists with SoundCloud and wow your visitors with your tunes.