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You Gotta HATE Trump!


He's Offended Your Sensibilities...

You Gotta HATE Trump!

There’s no question Trump can be obnoxious, and that many absolutely hate him for it.

It’s only fair to compare him to others who are rude, profane and outspoken to a fault.

For instance, let’s say you struggle to awaken, and find yourself nearly unconscious from a fire in your home. Smoke and gasses make you keep your eyes nearly shut and you can’t take a breath without your throat burning and choking. You try to rise but to do so would be to offer eyes and breath to greater heat and devastating, blinding, scorching smoke. You’re about to lose consciousness, but know to do so means certain death.

Then, out of sure and certain oblivion, a fireman arrives at your bedside, and strong as an Olympic weight lifter sweeps you up in his arms and charges out. He’s kicking and screaming through his mask, cursing, knocking aside all that gets in his way. His curses ring through the roaring flames licking at both of you. He stumbles and roars, and shoves another fireman aside as he crashes through the front door, shattering it, and carries you all the way to the curb, handing you off to an EMT who slaps an oxygen mask over your mouth and nose and you finally are able to take a breath not laced with hot poison.

You try to yell a thank you, but sound won’t come from a blistered throat, as he disappears into the inferno to rescue others in your family.

But then you realize he’s been profane and rude to all who interfered with his task. So, you realize you hate him. Really hate him! After all, he’s offended your tender sensibilities.

Are you a total imbecile?


Please, please, please, watch this one....

Comment of the Day

Trump says he's a nationalist and the dembeciles say he's a racist because he does. I guess they didn't notice this nation is made up of ALL nationalities? I may have to change dembeciles to dumbeciles?

I'm Constantly Amazed!

Trump? Are you crazy?

Saying it like it is....

Lampooning Liberals!

Past Posts

Every day I'm entertained and brought to guffaws by the incredibly inane and insane statements of liberals.  Particularly presstitues.  If you have any common sense, and want to get a good laugh, tune in MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, or ABC.  It's better to laugh than grit your teeth until they crack. :-)  So, I comment on that and occasionally more serious subject matter.



The press in America is totally out of control, so biased, so without pride in their own profession that it precludes all a free press might accomplish in that all important aspect of our society...transparancy. I'm truly embarrassed for them.



Our educational system needs to go back to the basics, particularly when it comes to history. It's said if you don't know it you're bound to repeat it.

Who's Popping Off!

L. J. Martin


I'm a lifelong conservative who believes in self-reliance.  Born in county housing, worked my way--thanks to the opportunity offered by this great country--into middle income and proud of it.  God Bless America, and let's fight to keep her free and the go-to country in the world.  And do so by honoring the Constitution.

Author - Photographer


Love writing and going into the high country with my rifle in hunting season and my cameras year round.  Over 4 dozen novels and non-fiction works, several screenplays, and dozens of articles later, it's a good thing I still enjoy the process.  Check out my webpage for more.

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As an author, and one who had a fairly extensive art background (majored in Architecture) I began messing with cover design 30 years ago, and 5 years ago started doing artwork for others...and have done over 400 book covers and who knows how many ads, and webpage segments.  See 


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Listen up...

The Democrats inaction on the wall is bordering on treason!

White Nationalist? That's ME!

Stream music and playlists with SoundCloud and wow your visitors with your tunes.


Stream music and playlists with SoundCloud and wow your visitors with your tunes.


Stream music and playlists with SoundCloud and wow your visitors with your tunes.


Stream music and playlists with SoundCloud and wow your visitors with your tunes.