The Photos Below!

Why I believe what I do!


Yes, I enjoy lampooning liberals, but hopefully goodnaturedly.

There are a variety of photos below, exemplifying my life and interests, those that have formed my opinions and political beliefs. I’ve been fortunate to work with and know lots of very intelligent and successful folks, and had my own successes and failures. 

I support conservative causes and politicians, although I believe the country has suffered from both sides of the aisle. Below you’ll see environmentalist Jack Hannah. My wife and a couple of her over 70 novels. U. S. Congressman Greg Gianforte from Montana. Don Trump at a local fund raiser. California State Senator Jean Fuller and her husband Russ who honored us in the Senate chambers. U. S. Senator Steve Daines from Montana. Actor Clu Galliger with Kat. Me and my moose just after my being treated for throat cancer—why I look a little like George Burns at age 95. I was lucky enough to draw a tag with 10,000 to 1 odds, the same week I found out I had throat cancer. My son Matt cleaning his elk. My son Monty and grandson Mike with Mont’s elk. Me in front of our Montana home. Kat and I ringing the bell, a ritual at M. D. Anderson in Houston, after thirty-five days under the death rays. Me visiting West Point. Me being treated after being shrink-wrapped to the table…what you gotta do to live. The medical pics are of me being treated the second time I’ve beaten cancer. 

As you can see I’m a hunter and hunt with both my cameras and when in season, my rifles. I’m a life member of NRA and RMEF (Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation). When Dembeciles believe hunters are not environmentalists, they should know RMEF has protected six million acres in America for elk habitat, which means for all wildlife from the lowest toadstool to the majestic elk, and reintroduced elk to several states. 

I’m very proud of my wife and family, and still have three of my four boys, eight grandchildren, wonderful daughter-in-laws, a brother and his family whom I’m more proud of than words could do justice, and more fine friends than anyone deserves. 

God Bless you, them, and America. 

Important in my life!


Below are friends, family, and a few acquaintances!

My brother, Rex Martin, who graduated from flight and ground school in Pensacola with the highest grades ever achieved and was Hot Gun (Top Gun now) in his squadron, and always set the bar higher than I could reach.  

My son Mike with the biggest bear taken from camp and a foot bigger than any I've killed.  

Our bear camp crew, brother Rex, nephew Jason, grand nephew Seth, son Mike, me, and son Matt.

Me speaking to Western Writer's of America.  

A crew of golfers in Mazatlan, Mexico, including top row left Vince Flynn, a great thriller writer who passed not long after this from prostate cancer.

3 Time world champion saddle bronc rider Monty Hawkeye Henson and Kat and me.

My beautiful wife and me signing books at one of our favorite bookstores.

Good buddies Shane Clouse (Montana's great country western singer; David Mirisch, famous PR guru whose family won 23 Oscars including 3 best picture), me and Robert Evans, a fine young actor from Hollywood.  All three helped me make a trailer for a film, BUCKSHOT, we're trying to get made.

Me in the red shirt with friend and neighbor, and one of the world's top golfers and fine gentlemen, Miller Barber (Mr. X to many). Gone too soon but not forgotten.


Once in a great while we might reach out!